IMPORTA has received a large grant from the State of California to provide free immigration legal services for low income immigrants. 
The grant covers several areas, but during the duration of the grant IMPORTA is offering all its services without charge to low-income immigrants (including passport-style photos for applications and all costs of priority mailing). 
These services include naturalization, help for clients in deportation proceedings, adjustment of status and asylum applications, and basic services like address changes and green card renewals as well as almost every type of petition or application to the USCIS. 
As one of only two non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara County permitted to provide legal representation to immigrants, IMPORTA upholds the highest standards of professionalism without consideration to profit. 

To make an appointment, call (805) 604-5060 and leave a message.
You will receive a return call to schedule your appointment. 

129 East Carrillo Street (805) 604-5060
a DOJ-recognized non-profit provider of        immigration legal services