How you can help a young person renew DACA

Since its inception in the summer of 2012, IMPORTA has successfully provided legal representation for more DACA clients than any other provider in Santa Barbara County. And for the last three years, we have provided all our services to DACA applicants without charge under a grant from the State of California.  But unlike other applications, there is no waiver for the $495 government fee for low-income applicants. This fee is due every two years when DACA needs to be renewed. This has created a great hardship as most DACA applicants have to work long hours to pay for their schooling and often have to help pay family expenses. This has led to DACA recipients dropping out of the program due to a combination of economic pressures and a feeling of discouragement that they have been abandoned by native-born citizens. 

IMPORTA is now participating in a state program that will pay the $495 fee for DACA renewals. A similiar grant last year only lasted until mid-Janaury before limited funds were exhausted. This year we are placing all contributions in a trust account to use once the state funds run out. It is extremely important that every DACA recipient renew before the Supreme Count announces its decision on DACA (which it appears will be to let the DACA program be shut down). Those who have renewed will be allowed to hold DACA for two more years and there is reason to hope that by then a solution will be found.

Would you be willing to donate to our fund to help a deserving, low-income DACA receipients renew their DACA for two years? If you agree, IMPORTA will place your donation in a trust account pending submission of a DACA application paid for by check from the trust account.  Please go to our donation page to complete the process  To insure that your donation is placed in our trust account for DACA, please send a brief message to

IMPORTA is committed not only to handling the entire DACA application process, intake to completion with free passport photos and background checks but also to exploring opportunities for legalization which exist unknown to many DACA recipients.

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