IMPORTA's principal work is immigration legal work, although we also work with clients on preparing for naturalization interviews and counseling them on American culture, staying out of trouble, and how to find a realiable criminal defense or family law attorney.

Most of our immigration legal work is offered free of charge. We do not charge when the government issues issues a "Request for Evidence" as sometimes happens, which can greatly increase the work on a case. It is our policy not to charge for appeals (although we have only had to file one.) 


Clients are responsible for paying government application fees which can be quite high. However, many of our clients qualify for low-income fee waivers and we work with them to obtain the required documentation to qualify.

Consultations (usually for undocumented immigrants) are the most important legal service that we provide because only a thorough analysis and investigation can determine whether it is wise for an undocumented person to expose him or herself to government scrutiny by filing an application.

Read more about our consultations

Applications to the USCIS

These are essential to responsible immigration work because of the many criminal and immigration bars to approval of various applications and petitions. Clients will often, out of ignorance or embarrassment, deny past deportations, border arrests, or criminal arrests. To pretect these immigrants, it is often necessary to do time-consuming Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) checks of their immigrantion history and a check of local and state and federal criminal records. These processes can delay an application by many months. Once we are confident of which, if any bars exist, we can evaluate the possibility of a successful application and then begin to assess the probability of success based on the circumstances and evidence (especially important when approval is discretionary). Read more about the kinds of applications we file for clients

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