IMPORTA's work is based on our belief that our immigrant  communities have a right to affordable, honest, and high quality immigration legal

services to further their full participation in American economic and civic life. 

Who We Are

IMPORTA was the first non-profit organization in Santa Barbara County to receive authorization from the U.S. Department of Justice to practice immigration law through trained "Accredited Representatives."


Our Accredited Representatives have the full backing and counseling of a staff of 15 experienced immigration attorneys from the CLINIC legal network, the largest immigration legal network in the United States. 

Thanks to a grant from the State of California, during the past two years IMPORTA has provided legal representation to more DACA, naturalization, and green card applicants than any other provider of legal services in Santa Barbara County. Most of IMPORTA's immigration legal services are offered free of charge. 

The $495 government fee for a DACA renewal is being paid by IMPORTA under a grant from the State of California. Since IMPORTA does not charge for its legal services, DACA recipients may, for a limited time, renew their DACA at IMPORTA free of any charges. IMPORTA even provides the required passport-style photos. 
Call our offices in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, or Santa Maria for more information and to schedule an appointment. This special program is only available for scheduled appointments  and will last only as long as the state funds last.
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129 E Carrillo Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


(805) 604-5060

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