For the past five years IMPORTA has received major grants through the State of California's "One California" program. These grants, which involve modest per-case reimbursements, do not provide for infrastructure or operational support. Moreover, future state funding is uncertain due to California's boom-bust system of taxation.

Through an early gift of its headquarters building at 129 East Carrillo Street and through innovative case processing and data storage procedures IMPORTA has been able to offer all of its immigration legal services without charge. It has grown to be the largest provider of immigration legal services in Santa Barbara County, with a staff of 9 dedicated bilingual second-generation immigrants. A large percentage of IMPORTA's clients have given small donations which now represent almost 10% of IMPORTA's budget.

Why we need your support

If you wish your donation to go to one of the 6 dedicated Service Areas, please indicate with a PayPal or Venmo comment or on the memo field of your check.


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User Name: @importasb


If you prefer, you may send a check to 

IMPORTA Santa Barbara

129 East Carrillo Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

We'll mail you a receipt with a letter of thanks. 

IMPORTA will only be able to continue its all-important immigration legal work if the larger community recognizes the importance of what we do for our local immigrants.

Please give what you can to help us continue our work!

Want to direct your donation to a particular service? We have designated six service areas for which we will segregate donations in our Trust Account to ensure that they are used for a specific purpose. General donations help support our ongoing expenses whereas designated donations will be shared with deportation defense attorneys to help pay their travel expenses and filing fees and in other cases to help needy clients pay government fees.  

Deportation Defense

Adjustment of Status for LGBTQ


Abandoned, Neglected, or Abused Children (SIJS)


Domestic Violence Cases

VAWA and U Visa


Fighting Notario Fraud

Our featured fund-raising campaign begins January 1!

IMPORTA will provide full information on our spending of donations made to each of these dedicated service areas.