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Public Charge FAQs

March 8, 2021

The Trump Public Charge Rule Has Been Canceled!

The Justice Department and USCIS have withdrawn court filings begun under the Trump Administration which defended the Trump rule against lower court rulings that said it was unconstitutional. This means that those court ruling stand. It means that immigrants who qualify to adjust status through petitions filed before May 1, 2001 or through having entered the US with inspection and have a spouse or 21 year old or older citizen child are probably eligible for adjustment of status to get a green card without leaving the United States. These applicants no longer have to worry about their income, or receiving most public benefits such as MediCal, CalFresh (food stamps), or section 8 vouchers.   

If you think you may be eligible, make an appointment at IMPORTA to begin your application. There is no charge.

Alert! Never drop any public benefit that you or members of your family are entitled to!


¡Se Cancelaron la Regla Trump de Carga Pública!

8 de marzo 2021

IMPORTA está aceptando clientes elegibles para ajuste de estatus. No hay ningún problema si usted está recibiendo beneficios públicos como CalFresh, MediCal, or cupones de sección 8.


¡Alerta! ¡Nunca abandone ningún beneficio público al que usted o los miembros de su familia tengan derecho!

Recibir cupones de alimentos, MediCal, vales de la Sección 8 y muchos otros beneficios disponibles para los inmigrantes indocumentados o sus hijos nunca tuvo ningún efecto negativo en su estado de inmigración o la posibilidad futura de obtener una tarjeta verde. 

¡Ya que se cancelaron la regla Trump de carga publica no hay ninguna razón para dejar beneficios publicos!


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