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Our immigrant communities have a right to affordable, honest, and high quality immigration legal services to further their integration into American economic and civic life.

Our mission is to offer affordable services because immigrants need their limited incomes for food, housing, healthcare, and education, not for expensive lawyers or greedy "consultants" who prey on members of their immigrant community by charging thousands of dollars for illegal, and often questionable or outright incompetent legal services.

To offer honest services because unfortunately immigration law has become a magnet for dishonest practitioners who prey on immigrants because dishonest practitioners know that their victims will be afraid to sue or report them to authorities.

To offer high-quality immigration legal services because immigration law is extremely complicated, and a consequences of a low-quality application is often denial and deportation.

The reason that IMPORTA is dedicated to affordable, honest, and high quality immigration legal work is not only out of a sense of humanity and justice. We also believe that our immigrant communities form an organic part of our economic, social, and cultural life, and that treating our immigrant neighbors with respect and sympathy, and helping them integrate into our local economic and civic life, is a positive good for Santa Barbara.

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Immigration Legal Work Authorized by the U.S. Department of Justice

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