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IMPORTA Follows These Basic Principles:

  • ·IMPORTA has no religious, political, or ideological agenda, and wants clients of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender choices to feel free from pressure to conform to a religious or political agenda.  

  • Because immigrants lack knowledge of our extremely complex immigration legal system, they often become victims of pervasive fraud and incompetence that results in great financial loss and frequent deportations. Educational outreach to provide accurate information to protect immigrants from victimization is central to our work.

  • Do No Harm” is as important in immigration legal work as it is in medicine. Approval of many applications is discretionary. When we conclude that filing an application is has a high probability of denial, we explain the reasons to the client and then make a referral to trustworthy and experienced immigration attorneys or Accredited Representatives for a second opinion.

  • Although we do not represent clients in removal proceedings in immigration court, we work we work closely with non-profit organizations that provide representation to clients in bond hearings and in immigration court proceedings, and provide paralegal help to pro bono lawyers handling immigration cases. We also have prepared clients to represent themselves at routine “general calendar” immigration court hearings to save them thousands of dollars in legal fees while they seek the services of an immigration defense attorney.

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Immigration Legal Work Authorized by the U.S. Department of Justice

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