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IMPORTA's Accredited Representatives

Our Legal Team

IMPORTA's Accredited Representatives 

Santa Barbara
Marline Flores (Executive Director)
Russell Trenholme 
Lorena Garcia
Maria Frias

Santa Maria 
Nancy Campos
Leticia Santiago
Monse Nolasco
Cindy Conde

Charles Wheeler circle small 72.jpg

Charles Wheeler 

Lead Attorney,

CLINIC Legal Team

Our Backup: The CLINIC Legal Experts 

IMPORTA is a member of the CLINIC Legal Immigration Network, the largest such network in the  United states. CLINIC provides backing for all of its members through educational programs and through its staff of 15 experienced immigration attorneys under the direction of Charles Wheeler (left), a nationally recognized expert in immigration law. Caution is one of IMPORTA's fundamental principles, and complicated cases are checked out with one of these attorneys before submission.

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Immigration Legal Work Authorized by the U.S. Department of Justice

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